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Sea Kayak on a sunny day on Rutland Water
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Interested new members should first contact the club via email, addressed to info@rutlandcanoeclub.org.uk for further details. The Club will normally require prospective new members to undergo a one-off taster session in Whitwell Creek. Taster sessions are conducted on a pre-arranged basis and will normally take place soon after 12:00 once the club has returned to the creek from it's Sunday paddle. The Club is unable to offer adhoc canoe/kayak sessions to non members. Please be advised that Anglian Water levy a 'Rutland Canoe Club Visitor' fee for all non-members of the club wishing to launch a canoe/kayak on Rutland Water. Therefore, all non members (including those attending a taster session) are required to pay the visitors launch fee at the Rutland Watersports Centre prior to getting afloat.

Alternatively, if you have any questions that you wish to ask in person, please come to the Whitwell Creek and speak with a member of the club upon our return from our usual Sunday paddle; we normally return to the Creek soon after 12:00. Prospective members should read the What do I need section below. Please note that as of 29 March 2017, the club has relocated; you can now find us close to the shoreline between the Watersports Centre and the Harbour Café / Rutland Bell jetty.

Membership fees are due at the end of March each year. If you join between April and September the full annual rate is charged, between October and March half the full rate is charged for the period remaining to end March. Please note that the reduced Winter rate only applies to new members joining for the first time between October and March; the full annual rate is applicable thereafter.

Membership Renewal
Click here for online Membership Renewal Form  (this form is for use by existing members only, unless directed to the contrary by a Club official). When renewing membership, simply fill in the form then click submit; additional forms are required for each family member.

Membership Fees - 2018/19
Adult Membership

Open to people over 18 yrs at time of joining or renewal.

£85 pa
Adult Non-Paddling Membership

Open to the partners of Adult Paddling Members or the Parents or Guardians of Junior Paddling Members.

No charge

Junior Paddling Membership

Open to people aged 18yrs or less at time of joining or renewal.

£79 pa (if joining alone)
£46 pa (if joining with an adult)

Winter Membership

Applicable only to first time members joining from October to March


Reduce these prices by £3 if you are already a British Canoeing member.

Rutland Water is owned by Anglian Water. A significant part of your annual subscription is paid to Anglian Water in return for access rights.

What do I need?

The Club can provide buoyancy aids, paddles and boats so you should concentrate initially on the clothing that you need to wear.

You should wear several layers of clothing topped with a windproof cagoule to keep you warm and dry. Avoid jeans which when wet are cold and heavy. A sleeveless wetsuit is a good investment. Wear light footwear such as old trainers or plimsolls. A woolly hat or peaked cap depending on the weather is a good idea. If it is cold then wear gloves, even rubber kitchen gloves can improve the 'comfort factor'! Bring a change of clothing and a towel. Although we have no clubhouse, members are able to use the changing facilities at the adjacent Watersports Centre.

If you are paddling in the winter it is essential that you wear either a wetsuit or a drysuit. The water temperature at Rutland Water during the winter is very cold and the group leader will not let you onto the water unless you are suitably equipped.

Generally we will stop somewhere on the shore during the session so bring some refreshment for yourself, either hot or cold depending on the season.

Once you become a member you will need a whistle and a first aid kit.

If you want to use your own boat, you must make sure that it is in good order. It should have adequate flotation (25kg secured evenly front and rear). Footrests must be fitted so that they cannot trap feet. Toggles or handles are needed at each end.

The club's documents are listed below for reference.

Any enquiries please email us at info@rutlandcanoeclub.org.uk